Is Kindle Unlimited Being Flooded with Short Books? (Actual Data from Amazon)


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I researched the answers to two common questions about Kindle Unlimited. I obtained my data directly from, as I will show.

  1. Is Kindle Unlimited being flooded with short books?
  2. Are KDP Select authors dropping out now that the KOLL payment had dropped to about $1.40?

I hear a lot of speculation about these two points. Most of the answers are based on guesswork and emotions such as fear.

So I decided to find out for myself. I didn’t know the answer for sure. I researched the data and let the numbers speak for themselves.


I gathered my data directly from Amazon. No, I didn’t ask them for it. I didn’t need to; you don’t either.

Rather, I simply browsed the website as follows:

  • I visited I browsed the Kindle Store. The left-hand column tallies numbers of…

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